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23 February 2009 @ 09:19 am
You have done well and deserve to feel very proud of yourself. Hope you will do something absolutely and totally rewarding, fun, relaxing. Happy for you and proud of you.
06 January 2008 @ 09:17 pm
For a couple days last week we kept hearing noises in the garage when all of us were inside. Figured it was some kind of animal but couldn't find anything. There were shovels and brooms knocked over, items had fallen to the floor off shelves and of course....feces. Hmm. Finally Friday night while away with my grandaughters at a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert, Ralph decided to take action. He called my cell and warned me not to go into the garage, fearing a rabid animal. Saturday morning we ventured outside, opened the big garage door.
Nothing lunged out at us with a foaming mouth. Hmm. Since the door was closed all night we knew it had to be in there, whatever it was. So we began searching. Timidly turning over boxes, carefully looking behind things. Nothing. Then, Ralph noticed something sleeping in the cat's house. At first, we thought it was another cat but then realized it was most likely a possum. Ralph went behind the house and pounded on it with a broom handle. It didn't move. That was when we were certain it was a possum because a cat would have run out. It then broke character and peeked with one eye but still did not budge. We called animal control, not knowing if we might be attacked. Found out that possums are very gentle, rarely carry rabies and rarely bite although they will show you all 50+ of their teeth. She advised just pushing the cat house out of the garage, that he'd probably leave and we could of course then shut the door. Started pushing the house but he stayed in initially then, got out and instead of heading for the outdoors...ran to the back of the garage and into a corner.
Now the teeth showing started. Almost like an aligator. We didn't really want to hurt him and so, since we now know they like canned cat food set some outside and left him to go out and eat. After 30 minutes nothing happened. So then, we started the broom chase. This guy was determined to exercise "squatter's rights". Kept showing his teeth and going everywhere except toward the big open door. Finally, we blocked his favorite corner and he ran but found another corner. I pushed a broom behind him and tried to push him. He didn't like it but knowing they rarely carry rabies I figured I had the upper hand. Finally, I got him near the doorway and he decided to give up and ran around the garage and into the back yard. So, we are no longer the landlords of a possum who found our cat's house quite cozy. Now we keep the door down.
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04 August 2007 @ 11:35 am
I just logged into Americu Credit Union Website to check my account. This time, they asked me some personal questions to verify my identity. Things no one else would know! This was great to see, especially since there are folks out there who copycat legitimate websites so you think you are in the right place. I wish they would all do this particularly where you use banking/credit card info. Way to go Americu!
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22 July 2007 @ 01:23 pm
Returned Wed with two of my grand children from our family reunion in Vincennes, IN. It was a hectic, fun-filled get together with lots of picture sharing. Getting to see everyone (or nearly everyone) at the same time is cool but it is difficult to get some one on one time in. My grand daughters loved it and were well behaved. On the way back we spent about 4 - 5 hours in French Lick/West Baden Springs, IN. 2 years ago I saw both the hotels at these two towns (about 1/2 mile apart) while they were being renovated. All I can say is WOW they have done a lot in 2 years. Very impressive. There is a casino built to look like a Mississippi River Boat which is attached to the hotel in French Lick. Not being much of a gambler I preferred to browse the halls etc and soak up the architecture. I'm so glad they didn't stick the casino inside either of the two old hotels, that would have ruined them.

It was fun Friday to take my youngest daughter to the local library to participate in the discussion being offered by the children's librarian on the first 6 Harry Potter books. She went in costume and wound up with her picture in the Sat Rome Sentinel (RomeSentinel.com). Friday night we treked to Barnes and Noble for the festivities before the midnight release of the latest book. We crashed at 2 for me and probably 3 a.m. for her.
Today, we are taking her to Camp Aldersgate for a week of fun. I think she will always remember this summer of 2007!
While she is off to camp I hope to pick some blueberries. Always something going on to keep me out of mischief.
01 July 2007 @ 08:20 pm
This past week was probably the most physically active week I have had in a long time. I clean house for two ladies and both of their "appointments" came up this week. I worked 2 hours on Mon., 3 hours on Wed and 2.5 hours on Friday. Thursday - I headed up a cleaning crew to clean our church parsonage. Pastor Jeff and Pastor Robin left on Thursday afternoon and Pastor Dora arrived on Friday morning. It was a mad fury to try to get the place presentable in time. Well, it wasn't "spotless" but presentable. Since Pastor Dora has a great sense of humor I told her at church this morning that I was considering converting to being a Roman Catholic. She asked why? I said because THEY have housekeepers who keep the rectories clean! She howled and then ran over to a group of folks and announced that I had just said something obscene! Then reiterated what I had told her. We all had a great belly laugh! Actually, I didn't mind the work, just the short time span which was unpreventable due to the death of a church member that created a last minute funeral for Pastor Jeff. Dr Charles Brown, a well known and well loved surgeon passed away on June 28th. He had been instrumental in creating two wings and a recovery room at Rome Hospital and in partnership with 2 other physicians he built an office complex on the corner of N. James St and Chestnut which brought many docs out of the older homes and into a modern complex. He was a great person. Always finding joy in everything and his children spoke very highly of him at the funeral. What a legacy.
The other reason I didn't mind the housework was due to the fact that I had 2 grand children, Christina and Nicole working along side me. They worked hard, never complained and didn't get into any sisterly spats!! They learned some things about hard work and house cleaning plus "doing for others". They in turn were each given a bike that the pastors no longer needed. I was very proud of them and am always glad for those opportunities to "teach" good values to the young folks.
I also picked strawberries (2nd time this season) and that is always a good experience.
More "busy ness" this week as I move toward preparation for our upcoming family reunion. Tuesday will be a "girl friends" day with three other ladies who were in program with me. Staying in touch with old friends is another joy!
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21 February 2007 @ 07:38 pm
Today I have checked my email, typed minutes for a committee I am on at church, printed the minutes, copied the minutes and stored them in the appropriate folder on my desktop! I feel like I can handle this.
Of course there will be many questions but....things are moving along the learning curve.

On last night's news they said Rome had received 22.5 inches of snow in a week (Feb 2 - Feb 9). That of course pales in the over 96 inches that Oswego has received in the same time frame. They are getting another 2 feet this weekend. Egads. Of course Ralph and I are grumbling about having to move the flakes around that fall in the driveway and on the walk to the front door. We have to remind ourselves that it could be worse.

If I don't get seated on a jury (I received a summons this week) I hope to plan a little trip south around March 1st for Ralph and I. With that little computer read out that lets you know how the outside temperature, I figure we keep driving south until it shows 70, then we will know it is safe to get out of the car.

That's all for this time.
07 February 2007 @ 07:26 am
Today I am wishing that I could sit and go through each of the manuals for my new printer, iMac, and Road Runner and absorb and understand it all instantly. Ha ha that would be in a perfect world. So instead, I'll do the necessary, buy groceries, vacuum and mop the floors, start doing my taxes and maybe have a little time to dig through one manual. At least I know the basics and that will enable me to check emails, etc. I have already been sent several pictures and that is so cool as I rarely could get pictures to download. No significant amount of new snow last night thank goodness.
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04 February 2007 @ 07:36 pm
Today is the day we are setting up the new computer. Wow, can't wait until tomorrow when Time Warner comes and installs road runner. I will finally be in the 21st Century!
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